Terms of Services

Terms of Services

This is an agreement between you and VPN - VPN Master & Fast VPN for virtual private network communication services, services and related features. This is not a service that caters to criminal acts. VPN is an anonymity and privacy service. You agree that there will be no violation in any country or region when you connect or disconnect from that server.

You agree to protect your personal ID or password and our systems from unauthorized breach when using Eco Mobile's VPN application. You are responsible for all your actions on the servers in the region you visit, the login area your user ID or password or any other personal information.

You agree not to hack in any way or form any other computer or network while using our VPN service.

We are not responsible for data, messages or pages that are lost, undelivered, delayed or misdirected due to interruptions or performance problems with the Service or communication or network services (e.g. : T-1 line or Internet).

We will collect your interactions in the Eco VPN application for analysis purposes only to have analytical data to design your experience and provide the necessary features for you to use. Eco VPN application application in the best way. We absolutely do not collect any personal information for other 3rd purposes.

We will try to keep the application running at its best, except for a few cases such as maintenance, repairs, emergencies, third-party service failures, network problems or limitations, device device or network. , noise, signal strength and possible interruptions, rejections, restrictions or cuts. Network speeds will be estimated and will vary based on configuration, compression, network congestion, and other factors. In some cases of force majeure delays or omissions may occur. But we'll do our best to limit risks and give you the best experience when using Eco Mobile's VPN.

We understand that there are millions of good reasons for anonymous access, and that personal information is strictly confidential. Eco Mobile's VPN will strive to protect you and your personal information to the fullest extent, and our systems are set up to do so. So they don't log any user activity (including visited websites, DNS lookups, emails, etc.) We only log access actions to our servers me for security and troubleshooting purposes. We do not engage in any form of censorship. We do not provide your personal information or any information to any third party in all cases unless we are required to by a competent court.

We do not recommend that you use Eco Mobile's VPN application in locations or areas that do not allow it.

VPN - VPN Master & Fast VPN does not place any limits on bandwidth or data usage per user. Tuy nhiên, VPN - VPN Master & Fast VPN reserves the right to temporarily suspend or permanently terminate users who are found to be involved in unfair use of its services.